Note: Students must collect the papers within 3 days from the date of results from Mitkary Sir’s CAPS office.

Rank Holders

from the region for past exams of CA-IPCE, namely,
Karishma Kothari (AIR-50) N. Nivitha (AIR-47) Pratiksha Rochlani (AIR-35) Disha Batra (AIR-34)
Gaurav Chandak (AIR-23) Usama Hasan (AIR-3) Renuka Dhingra (AIR-43) Divya Bhandari (AIR-48)
Shubham Shete (AIR-40) Vrutant Gabrani (AIR-29) Mayank Mokashi ( AIR- 32) Ayush Khutate ( AIR- 20)

Had joined the Test Series at CAPS.

It is a proven fact that if you study and appear for the Mitkary Sir’s CAPS test series as seriously as if it is the main exam, the benefits are tremendous.