CA Foundation Round-3 (Paper 4)
CA Foundation Round-3 (Paper 3)
CA Foundation Round-3 (Paper 2)
CA Foundation Round-3 (Paper 1)
CA Foundation Round-2 (Paper 4)
CA Foundation Round-2 (Paper 3)
CA Foundation Round-2 (Paper 2)
CA Foundation Round-2 (Paper 1)
CA Foundation Round-1 (Paper 4)
CA Foundation Round-1 (Paper 3)
CA Foundation Round-1 (Paper 2)
CA Foundation Round-1 (Paper 1)
XII Business Studies Chapter-7
XI Business Studies Chapter-7
BCR (Prof. Deepika Telang)
Accountancy (Prof. Virag Mitkary)
Law (CA Indresh Gandhi)
Economices for Finance (CA NIKHIL SARDA)
Business Environment (CA NIKHIL SARDA)
Taxation (Chapter-01)
Law (Chapter-1)
Accounting (GR-I Chapter-I )
Materials (Costing Chapter-2)
Management of Working Capital (FM Chapter-10)

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