Career as a CA

career as a ca

Who is a CA?
Chartered Accountant is a worldwide recognized financial professional. That is responsible for managing various budgets, auditing, taxes and other business strategies for a particular client. Career as a CA, they are seen working for either huge companies or for, the government, or a particular individual who requires an expert to manage the funds that they have. They are also someone who provides financial consultancy and keeps maintaining the financial records, which are of major importance to the client.

What does a CA do?
There are a few crucial areas in which the CAs play a very important role. Following other mentioned major roles that fall under a CA’s responsibility. If you are planning a career as a CA, browse the list below.

  • Accountancy & Auditing
    They do complex financial analysis and accounting for the particular client they are responsible for. They also provide various suggestions and consultancy when it comes to maintaining them. When they audit, they have to go through accounts within the financial statements that are presented by the particular client. And they have to check whether it is based on proper accounting guidelines and represents the actual state of funds that belong to the particular client.
  • Providing management consultancy
    Many rely on Chartered Accountants to get consultancy when it comes to utilizing the resources efficiently. They act as a management consultant to provide various services like designing, developing and implementing various systems in budget control. They also help with the cost of accounting and suggest proper computer programs for maintaining proper accounting records.
  • Tax Management
    Various businesses and clients look for a lookout for CA to manage taxation. A person with expert knowledge in this can help with the tax assessment, which is an integral part of financial management. This area has huge opportunities and scope because many businesses need an expert to guide them through taxation matters. Therefore, chattered accountants help clients file proper tax returns and also represent their clients while interacting with income tax authorities.
  • Cost Accountancy
    An individual or an organization usually takes into consideration the suggestions put forth by a CA who has expert knowledge and is well aware of the funding.
  • Cost accountancy is nothing but understanding or getting the guidance to efficiently use the production cost and finding and understanding various ways how you can do it. This control of the cost can be done using various strategies that are well known or studied by the CAS. This also includes selling the product or service for the right price.
  • How much does a Chartered Accountant get paid?
    The average salary of a chartered accountant is seen to be around Rs. 7,97,786/- per annum. The salary also depends on the factors such as experience and expertise in various matters that involves becoming a chartered accountant.

Now we read about CA as a career and we can say that being a CA is a good career option & in terms of salary also it is very promising. The only requirement is hard work & smart study plan & rest assured that one can be a CA. To conclude, a career as a CA is a very thriving field. You will get an enormous number of opportunities along with good pay.