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Today, after gaining the two most valuable prefix in front of my name i.e. Chartered Accountant, I
wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts taken by CAPS, my parents to make me able to
be where I am today. THANK YOU SO MUCH…!!! Really lucky to have teachers like Mitkary Sir, Jain Sir
and other faculties of CAPS. Coming from science background, it was really tough to stand amid the
commerce scholars. But the way you taught me with the conceptual clarity and in depth knowledge of
the subjects, it was possible to crack all the levels. All credit of my success goes to you all. Mitkary Sir
used to say “CA KATHIN HAI”, but Sir till you are there to guide and teach us, “CA KATHIN NAHI HAI”.

Once again Thanks to all the Teachers in CAPS and the office staff. They also played an important role in
my success.

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