CA Final Test Series

CA Final Test Series Time Table

Note: Students must collect the papers within 3 days from the date of results from Mitkary Sir’s CAPS office.

Rank Holders

from the region for past exams of CA-IPCE, namely,
Karishma Kothari (AIR-50) N. Nivitha (AIR-47) Pratiksha Rochlani (AIR-35) Disha Batra (AIR-34)
Gaurav Chandak (AIR-23) Usama Hasan (AIR-3) Renuka Dhingra (AIR-43) Divya Bhandari (AIR-48)
Shubham Shete (AIR-40) Vrutant Gabrani (AIR-29) Mayank Mokashi ( AIR- 32) Ayush Khutate ( AIR- 20)

Had joined the Test Series at CAPS.

It is a proven fact that if you study and appear for the Mitkary Sir’s CAPS test series as seriously as if it is the main exam, the benefits are tremendous.

Clearing ca final can be a tedious task, and to achieve this mammoth task, many recourses can be helpful, one of which is the ca final test series. CA final test series gives the idea of real-time exam experience and helps maintain the final exam fear. CA final test series can change your fear into confidence, which is essential to consider while writing for the final exam.