Importance of XI & XII in Commerce Professional Courses like CA and CS


Hey my dear X class student if you have landed up in this blog that means you are quite serious about your career and you have searched a valuable content for you to read. So, read on till the end. This read shall fetch you something precious.

While we are searching for any career option, we always tend to look for few checkpoints such as high career growth, interesting subjects, good earning potential and social recognition. What if I tell you Commerce as a career option can give you all this and much more. We are well aware of Science stream and we have also learnt many of Science Stream’s subjects till X. Commerce is a completely new stream for you and much to my disappointment really an unexplored stream after X. Students feel let’s do XI & XII from Science and then will think after XII which professional course to choose as many options remain available after XII Science. I agree on the fact but what if you are determined to become a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary. What if you get to know about Commerce beforehand and it helps you take an informed decision? So, let’s dig in deeper in the blog to find it all.

Let’s know all about Commerce through a unique program Commerce Foundation Program which is strategically curated by Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy for benefit of X class students to help them make an informed decision.

Key highlights of The Commerce Foundation Program:

  1. All the subjects of the Commerce stream (Accountancy, Management, Economics, Statistics) are briefly overviewed so that students get a fair idea of which interesting subjects they have to deal with in their XI & XII Commerce and later in their professional career.
  2. You get to know the faculties and also get familiar with their teaching style.
  3. You get a fair idea about the how we shall deal with all the subjects and also your professional courses.
  4. Absolutely free program

Now tell me after all this information who is going to stop you from making an informed and wise decision.

The Commerce Foundation Program is to be held from 1st June to 4th June, absolutely free at our CAPS Academy Dharampeth premises. Go grab this opportunity visit our website and register for the program or call our helpline 7020752751.

Now lets get on to answer the question of how XI & XII Commerce is important for CA and CS courses. 

  1. The subjects and topics in the course content of XI & XII Commerce is so well drafted that it creates a strong foundation for CA and CS.
  2. The faculties teaching the subjects give you such concepts which shall further help you with Professional Courses in Commerce.
  3. The faculties remain the same for XI & XII Commerce and CA Foundation, so you are already familiar with their teaching style hence you are able to grasp concepts well.
  4. Students who have studied XI & XII Commerce have a better chance of being way ahead in their professional journey and have an extra edge over their peers.
  5. You are already familiar with the subjects of the professional courses.
  6. You are already familiar with teaching style of the faculties.
  7. Yes, and you get to save 6 months of your professional career as you can give CA Foundation May exams falling soon after your Class XII exam rather than November exam.
  8. Our academy also provides you with good quality and comphrensive notes, practice books for all the subjects so that we have all the course content for XI & XII and CA Foundation.
  9. We believe in timely completion of course with ample of revision.
  10. We also take up regular class tests.
  11. Each and every doubt of the student is solved.
  12. We have devoted faculties who shall make you fall in love with the subjects.
  13. We have been giving glorious results since last so many years.

You can check all the details about the course, our faculties, or results and much more on or call you on our helpline 7020752751.

Our Academy has an unmatched leadership of glorious 44 years which is highest for any Commerce Academy in Central India. We deliver what we say. Come and experience quality teaching.