12 Strategies To Prepare For CA Foundation Exam

strategies for ca foundation exam

It is really important that you understand the essential steps to execute to complete your CA Foundation Syllabus and get great results. Following are the steps that will be your road map to efficient studying.

Study From Verified Sources

It is extremely important that you verify the sources you are collecting your study materials from. Randomly relying on any site, source or guide could give you the wrong knowledge affecting your CA Foundation Results. Instead, find proper institutes and channels that will help you provide sufficient knowledge to prepare yourself for the CA Foundation Exam.

Never neglect detailed research before relying on any source. Any slacking here will just prolong your study process and will not give you the desired CA Foundation Results.

Analyse Your subjects 

You have to thoroughly analyse all the subjects and set your priority to schedule your subjects accordingly. Then, according to your knowledge of each subject, schedule the days and amount of time you wish to invest. While brushing through all the subjects, you will get a rough idea of various topics you have to study and understand your current knowledge regarding that particular subject/topic.

Hence you can sort out the topics based on their importance and priority. 

Make A Schedule

Scheduling is a must to get clarity on how and when to cover your entire syllabus. 

Since you have already set your priority list, schedule them accordingly. And ensure that you follow it so that it’s easier for you to cover the entire portion. Remember that running behind schedule will only load the remaining topics on you tomorrow. 

Hence try to complete the schedule you have fixed for each day by meeting the deadlines.

Making Notes

While studying, you should be making your notes on a regular basis. This will help your brain to learn faster as it would break down the textbook knowledge into a form that you can understand. These notes will be your aid during the revision before your CA Foundation Exam.

So don’t be lazy and start preparing notes in a way that will be easy for you to grasp each topic that you are studying.

Consistency Is The Key

You have to remain consistent regardless of all the distractions you may face. You have to remain consistent in terms of studying, maintaining the schedule and practicing the paper. It keeps you going and makes your goals much more achievable. 

Take Required Breaks

Though this point may seem contradictory to the above point, it is really essential that you take breaks at intervals to refresh your mind. This is to avoid exhaustion and increase your focus once you are back to studying. 

You will see changes in the results once you are in peace with your brain. Your brain needs to refresh itself, too, to grasp the knowledge faster.

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice various kinds of problems and questions, you will develop your skills and reduce the time required to solve similar problems. You have to continuously practice your entire CA Foundation Syllabus so that you grow more confident while solving problems.

Practicing will also clear out most of your doubts, as while solving, you will get many queries and hence approach the faculty teaching the subject with your issues. 

Never fear any questions just because you can’t solve them now. Do not hesitate to ask that doubt to your guide, and most importantly, after learning how to solve it, do not stop practicing it.

Never lack practice or steer away from it. Practice is the best way to master any subject.

Use past Papers as Guides

The best way to be exam ready is by scanning your past papers. It will help you understand the paper pattern and the frequency of a particular kind of question. Also, solve the papers you get from the CA Foundation classes you have joined. The more you solve past papers the better.

Solving past papers on a regular basis will reduce your fear of facing the exams. 

Time Monitoring

While solving the problem, always monitor the amount of time you spend on it. Keep recording the amount of time right from when you started your study to the current time. 

Make sure the amount of time you invest in similar questions reduces. This will help you manage your time during your CA Foundation Exam.

Self Study Is Important

Even though you have joined CA Foundation Classes for your exam study, you should always remember that you have to keep time for self-study. The amount of time you invest here would give you a greater outcome during your CA Foundation Exam

The reason why self-study is important is that this is the amount of time you get to revise everything that you have learnt and take your time to figure out where your lacking behind or have doubts.

This is when you can work enough to prepare yourself for your CA Foundation Exam. So do not compromise on your self-study.

Mock Test

Mock tests are a must if you wish to feel prepared while going for your CA Foundation Exam. 

Mock tests will enhance your confidence and help you test your knowledge on a timely basis. So don’t ignore mock tests because by taking them, you can still prepare or practice the topics where you are lacking. 

Remember to start taking them with sufficient time in hand. Avoid keeping them until the last minute.

A Healthy Body Has A Fresh Mind

Throughout your exam preparation, don’t avoid your body. Have sufficient food, sleep and exercise. Your body must stay fit and healthy so that your brain is refreshed and energized. Any negligence towards your body will give you a greater setback. 

Hence regardless of anything, take care of yourself.


All these steps will work only if you work. Don’t slack now, and go ahead and start studying for your CA Foundation Exams.