Some Time Management Tips for CA students

tips for CA Students

It is rightly said that time is money and who better than a CA student can understand it. For a CA student time is one of the greatest assets and we definitely fall short of it many times. So in this blog we shall see some tips on how to effectively manage time. So do read on.

  1. A CA student hardly gets time from his/her classes, office and self-study. However, a student still tries and skip few things here and there and steals time for other least important things which should be strictly avoided.
  2. Since most classes for CA Intermediate and CA Final are in pen drive mode now-a-days sincerity, punctuality and commitment completely lies with the student and hence it becomes really important for a student to complete the syllabus on time with complete conceptual clarity. Lets not waste any time in social media distractions and complete the entire syllabus in time so that you get enough time for revision.
  3. Setting priorities is the key. You certainly know the concept of ABC analysis and rate your tasks in ABC category, and you know the drill now. ‘A’ tasks are high priority in which lies your CA classes (whether face to face or online mode), your office, self-study. You can definitely set up your other activities in B and C category. If possible include a hobby and try to stay with your hobby atleast twice a week which shall help you unwind.
  4. The ABC analysis is an important concept do not waste it and prioritize your tasks smartly.
  5. Review your schedule each week and reschedule it as per the need. Remember the key is to complete the entire syllabus with conceptual clarity and then go in for effective revision which shall fetch you amazing results.

I hope this blog was helpful and stay tuned on for more blogs and information about XI and XII Commerce (CBSE and State Board), CA and CS coaching. We have a teaching legacy of more than 4 decades which makes us stand out. Happy learning.