How to clear CA Intermediate in the first attempt ?

A million-dollar question for every CA student is “How to clear CA Intermediate in the first
attempt?”. So here is our attempt to decode it. Just see if it helps you.

Strategic planning:

Nothing goes well if you have not planned ahead. As a CA student, I am sure you must be having a precise study plan day by day for your CA Intermediate exams. There are of course a few pointers to keep in mind while planning:

  1. Plan as per your sleep schedule.
  2. Plan as per your weak and strong subjects.
  3. Plan day by day and maintain a log of how much you achieved on that day.

Conceptual Clarity:

 When you are giving a professional exam, conceptual clarity is what is a must. It cannot be achieved overnight but through systematic studying and good coaching for CA Intermediate exam, you shall surely crack the CA Intermediate exam in the very first attempt.

Review your Plan:

You have to keep revising your plan and review and revise it as per your unfinished portion. This shall help you to cover the entire syllabus.

Go through the entire Syllabus:

Covering the entire syllabus can never go wrong. It’s not only about covering the syllabus but revising it twice or thrice which shall fetch you the given result.

Mock test series:

This is one thing that shall be very beneficial for you. Having practice beforehand for the final exam shall surely be good. Do attempt at least 2 or 3 mock test series before the final exam.

ICAI’s Study Material:

 ICAI definitely has vast study material for various levels of CA courses. Modules, mock test series, revision test papers, etc. shall be thoroughly reviewed.

Avoid distractions:

This is difficult but you need to keep all the distractions at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time is a relative concept. Some students find a dedicated 3 months as an appropriate time and some say 3 months is surely less to prepare for a professional exam like CA Intermediate exam. So, plan ahead and see how much time is appropriate for you. However, a dedicated study for at least 3-4 months shall be a good idea.

All the CA students study at least 16 hours a day. But these 16 hours shall be planned strategically and you shall definitely clear CA Intermediate exam with flying colors. I hope this blog helps you. Do visit our website for all the details and updates.