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Smart tips for self-studying

When the CA exams are round the corner, what can come as an amazing handy thing for the students is the smart study tips which shall help you clear CA exams with ease. These self-study tips shall work wonders so let dive into it.
1. Make your own schedule: Scheduling is one of the most important tools which a CA student must not miss at all. Making a timetable shall help you achieve your daily targets thereby making you achieve your final goal effectively. While preparing the timetable make sure it is realistic and the one which suits you. Understand your body clock and make an appropriate plan. If you are a night rider so burn the midnight oil and if you are an early riser then make your schedule accordingly. Give appropriate time to each subject and aim to achieve the daily target everyday.
2. Prepare your own notes: Self-study aids are the ones which come handy for your preparations. You shall get ample of reference books, charts, revision material both form ICAI as well as from the faculty from whom you have studied the subject but make sure you also make your handy notes while studying for the first time, this shall be helpful for you while you are revising the subject. Sticky notes, marking important, underlining the important points all this shall look so small an effort, but it does make a difference in your final preparation.
3. Maintain a comfortable routine: I can’t emphasis the importance of being in a routine of studies and avoiding all other social commitments. Distractions are anything that keep you away from your goals so keep them at bay and maintain a comfortable routine full of studying, healthy eating and mindful breaks.
4. RTP’s, MTP’s etc.: All the material given by ICAI is of prime importance in your studies. So do go through RTP’s, MTP’s which are applicable for your exams.
5. Test Series: It is better to have a feel of the exam before hand rather than feeling anxious in the exam hall. Test series are really helpful to understand your preparations for the exams and you can still revise your strategies to achieve your goal.
6. Keep your motivation up: Remember you need to cross every hurdle and make sure you achieve your goal and for that you have to keep your motivation high and all the negativity away. Whatever weights you down is really not worth your time and energy at all. Just focus on your goal.

I hope this study tips have helped you and you are able to derive something valuable from it. All the best.