Tips to increase concentration power during CA exams

Increase Concerntration Power During CA exams

When CA exams are round the corner every student shall definitely think about long study hours and effective studies with an increase in concentration power. Therefore, we are sharing you some effective tips which can increase concentration power even on the dullest subject. Let’s have a look below –

Different Ways to Increase Concentration Power

  1.  Talk about quality and not quantity: First of all you need to keep track of the quality of your studies rather than just finishing off the stuff. I am sure apart from making a monthly or fortnight time table we also tend to make a day-wise schedule so that we are able to accomplish our fortnight or weekly target. Make sure you do not over schedule and complete the little tasks of study daily to accomplish the long term goal. This way you shall not panic and can concentrate well.
  2. Fatigue study: One of the important studies that we did in our curriculum in XII CBSE Business Studies but we often tend to forget its application in real life. So how can we apply this in our CA studies? What you need to do for this is to decide the amount of time you can concentrate thoroughly on a subject or topic or concept and the amount of break you require. Also, the total number of breaks in the complete study hours shall be determined. So in a gist, the frequency of intervals and number of intervals is what matters to concentrate better. Also while deciding the above please do not keep yourself in pity condition to load with breaks, make a sensible choice of the same. Always remember you are giving a professional exam so your approach should also be like the same.
  3. What to do in breaks: The most important question is how to spend the time of such small breaks. Well, you need to make that choice also wisely. If you end up scrolling the social media in the breaks then let me tell you the break shall not end and the frustration you shall gather at the end of the day shall be even worse for the coming days. Some ways to spend your break time is listening to good music (not on any smartphone, iPad or laptop) but grab a caravan or a simple device with some good music and you are good to go. Watch nature, have a glass of juice, buttermilk to just rejuvenate and kick start the next session energetically. So be mindful about how you spend your break time to make you feel good for the next session of studies.
  4. Study time: Well the most important thing that matters is the study time that you choose for yourself. For example, if you feel that you can completely concentrate in the early morning then please do that and plan your maximum study around that hour and if you are a night rider than plan your study accordingly. Even your comfortable study hours add up a lot on your concentration.  
  5. Don’t get disheartened: If in a day you are unable to achieve what you had decided it does not mean that you have lost it. The key here is to start really early so that you have a good time for your exams and you are not worried.
  6. No negatives at all: You have to make sure that you shall just cut off from every negative environment, people, talks that distract you from your goal. This shall help you in achieving the level of concentration you require for professional studies.
  7. Reach out to people: If at times you feel low and lack concentration then reach out to people who shall help you build your confidence. May it be your parents, siblings, teachers or friends, just discuss and then get back on your schedule.
  8. Exercise and meditation: I know it may sound a little weird that are we really gonna invest our precious hours in this?! So my dear friends I am not telling you all to be a fitness freak with a fitness tracker and workout for 1 hour or so, what I am trying to tell you is relax your body with just 15 minutes of exercise or maybe stroll at the nearby park or a good 15 minutes meditation and just feel the increase in concentration when you head back to studies.

I hope you shall definitely be benefitted from the above tips and also implement them in your schedule so that you shall get the desired results.

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