What are the career opportunities after completing Chartered Accountancy?

career after CA

I am sure almost everyone while joining this course would be analysed as to what this course has in its kitty as a career option so that it is really worth to invest the core 4 to 5 years of our lives in it. Well frankly speaking Chartered Accountancy is one of the most lucrative careers in Commerce. The glitz and glamour that you feel after clearing your CA Examination are beyond imagination. I have seen students as young as 21 years clearing the exams like a pro. So now let us understand what exactly is a career role after CA.

  1. A Chartered Accountant is a person who shall keep an eye or check on what financial position an entity has stated is fairly correct or not. So he is the only person who can be a statutory auditor of the company. Apart from this he can also conduct tax audit, GST audit, forensic audit, assists in finance, help you fetch finance from various sources etc.
  2. If you do not want to practice then there is a service industry that is awaiting you. Trust me guys you can create wonders there as well. ICAI conducts campus placements for its newly qualified Chartered Accountants and it has recently reported a 37% increase in demand of the CA’s in around Oct 2020. Oh! the upsurge is really huge in covid times as well.
  3. The recent average annual salary offered to a CA is Rs. 8.9 lacs pa. The maximum domestic salary package offered was Rs. 24 lacs p.a.
  4. The major recruiters at the current year’s campus were from sectors including financial services, banking, IT, BPO etc. The salary packages in all these sectors keep on varying.
  5. Not only fresher’s but demand for experienced CA’s has also gained a lot of acceleration this year.
  6. The highest international salary package offered has also been as big as Rs. 76.32 Lacs whereas average international salary package in the range of Rs. 50 lacs to Rs. 70 lacs. The international packages shall definitely vary from country to country and also across various managerial positions.
  7. Yes, a CA in first attempt and rank holders are definitely given an upper hand for packages and jobs however even a CA who cleared with few attempts is never ignored by the recruiters. Basically, it is all about how well you are equipped with your knowledge and skills and also how well you perform in the interview. Even with experience your value in the industry keeps on increasing.

So guys that is all about the topic from my side. I hope this provides you with some insights and be encouraged to opt for this high profile career, If you want to build a career in Chartered Accountancy, Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy will help you to build success in your career, we are one of the good CA coaching classes in Nagpur.

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