Is B.Com compulsory for becoming a Chartered Accountant

B.Com Compulsary for becoming CA

What an amazing topic. I think almost everyone of you would have gone through these questions as ‘CA kaunsi college se kar rahe ho?’ ‘CA kitne saal ka course hai?’ and ‘Kya CA ke sath zaruri?’ etc. I am also sure you would have given epic replies to them and would have had a hearty laugh on the same. Jokes apart well this is really a million dollar question as to ‘Is B.Com compulsory for becoming a Chartered Accountant?’ So here I am to answer this for you.

Well with Chartered Accountancy you can definitely do a graduation course simultaneously but it is never a compulsion. So it is not necessary but you may do it. I shall like to decode in this blog what other courses you can opt while becoming a Chartered Accountant.

  1. Any graduation course say B.Com, B.B.A, B.Com (Computer Applications), B.Com (Hon.) etc. All these graduation courses can be done from the university in which the person is residing or they may even be done from Open Universities like IGNOU. You can get admitted in graduation course soon after completing your Level I i.e. Foundation course of CA.  You can also refer to the following links for better understanding.
  2. By doing B.Com and CA Inter and articleship one can earn required credit points and can directly go for some international courses like CMA, CFA or CPA so doing B.Com from NAC ‘A’ college is always advisable.
  3. You can also do CS or CMA along with CA.

Now you would think whether we should go in for some other courses along with CA or not. Let us see some points:

  • You can have an additional degree along with CA. All though it may not create any value addition.
  • Also CS or CMA shall definitely give you an extra edge over others.
  • It can pave way for taking up many international courses.
  • Campus placements shall definitely prefer such Chartered Accountants who have also taken up CS or CMA or any other international courses.
  • Anyways doing B.Com shall not be of much difficulty as it is damn easy.

Conclusion:- Keeping all the points in mind, I would like to say that B.Com degree has its own benefits in the CA course. Also B.Com opens the job opportunities whether you are B.Com with CA or simple B.Com graduate. Also being a subset B.Com students don’t have to put the extra efforts for CA preparation. 

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