Challenges of virtual learning during pandemic

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COVID-19 came onto the world unannounced and changed all the systems and dynamics of the workings of all sectors throughout the world. Education sector is no exception to this. Students and teachers moved over to virtual classrooms and online live classes from their regular patterns. The pandemic has already imposed so many challenges for all of us. Let us understand what our students are facing in this scenario. So let us get going.

  1. Hardware issue: I can understand that it is definitely not necessary that the student must be the only child at home wanting the device for virtual learning. Their might be siblings who shall want the devices probably at the same time. In this case, the only solution left with the parents is to buy more devices or let them use each parents mobile so that the learning is not stopped. Understand that this year, you have to invest in the virtual learning equipment. As parents you must take an assertive action to make this scenario more beneficial for your kids rather than just complaining about it. All schools, institutes and coaching institutes have moved to online teaching. Even we, CAPS Academy, take online batches. When it comes to online learning, sufficient equipment is a mandate. We must adapt to this change to keep the education part of the learning uncompromised.
  2. Wifi: This is the most important thing that every household now requires. Online coaching and schooling functions on a strong network connection. Good Wifi is a basic requirement for attending lectures online. Get a great Wifi connection so that your child’s classes can function smoothly and there won’t be any interruptions in CA coaching.
  3. More screen time: We can really understand each student is going through a lot of screen time these days since CA coaching or CS coaching or commerce classes are going online. The only solution for this is to curtail the other screen time like social media, OTT platforms, gaming etc. This is surely difficult, but we need to do this so that we can concentrate on the most important part – learning.
  4. The learning environment: This is the most important thing you, as a student, must create – a distraction free learning space. So, search for that corner of your house which is noise-free, clean and with fresh air and you are good to go. Professional courses like CA coaching or CS coaching require quiet places for maximum concentration.
  5. Sincerity: Dear students, now that the tables have turned, sincerity and attentiveness is all in your hands. So, make sure you are true to yourself and I am sure you shall do that. To increase sincerity, CAPS Academy has an approachable faculty and systems, which the parents can get in touch with any time! We also try to engage with our students in all our online commerce coaching classes to boost attentiveness. We try to motivate our students in these tough times with a variety of blogs.
  6. Distractions: I can understand that not everyone has the luxury of big homes, and separate, cosy space for themselves. Many need to cope up with the distractions going around in order to ensure good learning. So guys, I know you shall definitely win over all such situations. Just stay calm and do not stop learning. You shall definitely be able to overcome every hurdle.

Having discussed many challenges, let us also discuss some good points about home learning so that at the end we have something positive to ponder upon –

  1. No more commute and traffic hassles, so even that is relaxing
  2. More time to study
  3. More time for the family means more happy times
  4. More time for hobbies so grab your favourite book and just read it

We hope you found this blog informative. Until next time!

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