Importance of mental health for CA exam preparation

CA exam preparation

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing great. The blog topic selected here is extremely important, and I think it is extremely neglected as no one wants to talk about mental health. Mental health, being crucial, let us talk about it so that we are truly mentally settled for our CA coaching. CA course curriculum is vast and if you are not prepared well, you might not be able to crack the exams.
Let’s start the discussion:

CA exams, which are considered as one of the toughest exams, require the right mix of hard and smart work from the students. Now, let us discuss some of the pointers which really hamper mental health.

  1. Social media:

    Unlike earlier days, the students are now faced with many challenges that were not seen by the students a few years back. With the adverse use of electronic gadgets and loads of competition in the virtual world where your popularity and reach is measured in terms of likes, followers, views etc. students get really upset or tensed if they do not get the appropriate recognition in the virtual world. So, even when the exams are near or the CA coaching is ongoing or the students are preparing in full swing for the upcoming exams, getting distracted by the social media pings is really dangerous.

  2. Constant comparisons:

    The worst thing in the world is to compare. Comparisons should never be with others but it should be with your own previous performance. This comparison is made sometimes by our parents, relatives and sometimes even by us. Never fall pray to such jealousy and beware of such baseless comparisons and concentrate on your own journey which is unique in itself.

  3. Lack of confidence:

    If you are not confident enough about your capabilities and the path you have chosen, then this may take a toll on your mental health. Sometimes this may even turn into depression. So be confident throughout your CA coaching and exams.

  4. Constant failures:

    To clarify, we are talking here about CA exams and not any graduation course. So, failures might be part of your journey. Being a National Level exam, you need to have such calmness to face the failure and turn it into success soon. The more you crib about your failures the more they shall haunt you.

  5. Peer factor:

    This is one of the most common pressure which is experienced by many. Even if the world is not comparing, we are constantly comparing ourselves with our peers and then label it as ‘they have got it through luck, blah blah’. However, you mustn’t be immature. We are not here to discuss others but focus on our own journey. I know it is easier said than done; but worry not, we shall also discuss some solutions to overcome all the problems discussed above.

Let us now discuss some of the solutions which I am sure shall help you go through the journey smoothly.

  1. Meditation:

    One of the most powerful tools to overcome almost all the tensions in life. By meditation, I do not mean sitting under a tree and attending Nirvana in a matter of few minutes but meditation is basically feeling one’s own existence. Mediation can really create wonders when done the right way and in the right proportion. Dedicate few minutes of your day in this activity, not necessarily morning but any comfortable time and see the wonder it creates in your temperament for CA coaching.

  2. Adequate sleep:

    In the quest of studying and trying to cover everything in the short span of time, we tend to exceed our physical capacity and try skipping the sleep with loads of caffeine. Be keen on taking quality sleep as this shall be helpful for good concentration the next day. I shall not talk about the quantity of sleep as this may differ from person to person. However, I shall emphasis on quality of sleep which matters the most.

  3. Exercise, yoga, walking, etc.:

    I know taking out time for all these said things is difficult during exam preparations. I am neither telling you to join a gym nor follow a strict exercise regime. What I am talking about here is the breaks that you take between studies should be filled with these meaningful chores rather than social media scrolling.

  4. Talk it out:

    If you are feeling low, talk to any person whom you confide in. May it be your parents, teachers, siblings, friends etc. what is important is to vent it out rather than just stick to it.

A strict ‘no no’ while the exam preparations shall be social media. I know it is integral part of our lives these days. However, the irony of the situation is that I am telling you be away from social media while preparing for exams through social media itself. I hope you have read this blog well before the exams and are well prepared to face the exams. We have to learn to restrict the use of social media otherwise, we shall be its slave. I am sure no one would willfully opt to be a slave. I know it is difficult to adhere but do start with it may be with cutting down gradually and see the difference. I am not telling you to be off social media throughout your life as that would be too much because social media provides us with a lot of useful information as well. Just till the time you are preparing for the exams restrict its use.

Do not shy away in maintaining a perfect mental health by using any of the techniques. Remember that a perfect body comprises of good physical as well as mental health. Let’s uplift each other!

We, at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, believe in overall development of the students. We try to be as approachable as possible to the students so that they can share their difficulties with us. The teachers here are always there to help you with every difficulty that you face. Consider us as your partners in building your careers. Reach out to us on 7020752751 for any help. Contact us for CA courses!

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