9 Best Practices To Get Success In Your Career

success in career

Hey hello everyone. I am here again with a blog but this time it is more kind of general talk or my ideas on the topics rather than discussing some exam dates, schedules, deadlines, syllabus, etc. I feel so wonderful to share my thoughts with you all. So here I go, with my thoughts on how to get success in a career.

Best practices for career success
  1. Be consistent: I know setting goals is really simple but following that in a steady & consistent manner is all together a different story. So whatever your goal is be consistent and work towards your goal.
  2. Learn from failures: Failures are part and parcel of your life. You cannot separate it from your life. What you can do is take the learning from it & move ahead to make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes again.
  3. Scheduling: Yes the main step towards your goal. Scheduling is to be done by you and only you because no one can understand your strengths and weaknesses better than you yourself. So take up that pen and paper and go plan your schedule and off course work towards achieving it. A humble request please do not change your sleep cycle for anyone. If you can concentrate well at night then be the night owl and if you feel you are an early riser then be it. Do not fall prey to anyone’s preaching.
  4. Discipline: If you have a disciplined lifestyle you can achieve come what may. So sticking to the plans, working towards your goal tirelessly is what you need.
  5. Set priorities: Setting priorities is so important as while scheduling understands what are your weak subjects and what your strong subjects are and plan accordingly. Do ABC analysis I know being a CA student you must be well aware of this term. This analysis shall help you very well in concentrating on topics that fetch high marks.
  6. Get off the distractions: I know this one is the most difficult as getting off the main distractions i.e. social media is really hard these days. There is nothing more magnetic than social media these days but I am sure with time you shall master that as well. So start early practice skipping social media for a few hours and then increase the timings gradually. I hope in this process you do not forget to read blogs on our Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy website (just kidding).
  7. Positivity: Once Thomas Elva Edison was asked “How weren’t you discouraged after so many failed attempts to invent the bulb?” He smiled and said “Now I know at least thousands of ways in which a blub cannot be made.” What a positive statement to make. It is people like him that keep us going with their positivity.
  8. Hobbies: Now you would feel this is really not required here as we are talking about best practices to get a success in career and hobbies cannot be counted as careers do they? I still doubt??!! You all must have heard of the saying as ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so if you keep studying all day and do not take breaks for your hobby then it may not be so good for you. So have a hobby to follow which makes you go back to your studying more effectively.
  9. Self-care: In the quest of following the regime so meticulously you may sometimes hamper your health. Please be easy on yourself. It is ok to be off the schedule sometimes what is important is you achieve the goal and if you are pretty well in the routine for at least 6 days a week then you may take some more small breaks here and there on the 7 th day so that you are well prepared for the 1st day of the coming week.

So that’s all from my side. I hope you got some useful insights from this blog. 

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