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virtual learning

This pandemic has made us all students, where we are learning new ways of living, new ways of coping up, new ways to cross over all obstacles and new ways to reach our goals no matter what the situation is. The education sector has adapted to virtual teaching and learning. This change has been unanimously welcomed globally. It is rightly said – change is the only constant. Following this adage, CAPS Academy has adapted with virtual classrooms too. We shifted over to it once the lockdown started and learned many things along the way. We provide 11th 12th commerce coaching, classes for CA and CS coaching online. 

Let’s look at this virtual teaching and learning scenario in this blog. We have compiled a few things that would be helpful for online commerce coaching classes.

  1. Thanks to backup lectures, we can study at our own comfortable time. In addition to this, commerce coaching centres allow a certain number of views per lecture. This means, that you are provided with the privilege of revisiting the lecture whenever you feel like!
  2. As the commerce coaching classes are virtual, students get more time for themselves because they do not have to go out of the house. They get more time for self-study as well as the quality free time to rest.
  3. Virtual fun is the new normal. So I am also sharing here the link of Online Teachers Day Program, where teachers and students of CAPS Academy really had fun. To watch the program, click on – 
  4. We have been successful in creating virtual learning environment for our students, which is very similar to our regular classrooms. This has resulted in effective studying through saving many useful resources like time spent in commute.
  5. We believe even if there is pandemic the show must go on. So, all the faculties are working really hard to make virtual study a remarkable experience for the teachers as well as the students. 
  6. All our batches XI CBSE & State Board, XII CBSE & State Board, CA Foundation, CSEET etc. all our running smoothly on online mode. Even though Ca coaching and CS coaching is considered to be one of the hardest courses in India, we have been successful in running its virtual classes.
  7. We also have variety of pen drive lectures available for 11th 12th commerce, CA and CS courses so that you can learn at your own ease & pace. These pen drive lectures are taught by the best and experienced commerce faculties.
  8. The most obvious question that comes to our mind is that if the teacher is not with us how are the doubts going to be resolved. But trust me with this, CAPS Academy is one of the best commerce coaching institutes in Nagpur and hence we shall definitely take due care of our students. We have many online doubts solving sessions also we always encourage students to ask the doubts after each concept so that no doubt is left unsolved.
  9. Virtual teaching also has some challenges entangled in it but teachers are known for overcoming the challenges. Sometimes the network is not perfect or there is some other problem but come what may we teachers shall be committed to teach our students.
  10. Not only teachers but students also have their own set of challenges and I shall talk about this in detail in my next blog. So make sure to read it!

So let us all overcome all the challenges and just keep learning and keep growing. After all, learning must never stop.

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