ICAI Announcement for XI & XII students – Save 6 months!

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Just when we thought that 2020 couldn’t get any harder, ICAI postponed all CA exams. The atmosphere got distressed due to this postponement and the feeling that 2020 being an endlessly tragic reigned. In such atmosphere, like the break of the dawn, ICAI has made some positive and welcoming announcements for 11th 12th Commerce students, and also, for students of other streams. Yes, you read it right! Announcements have been made for students of all streams. Read the blog ahead to get all the insights.
I have covered all the points in detail and structured the blog in pointers to make it an easy read for you!

  1. What is the latest announcement: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has made an announcement dated 13th October 2020 which states that the students can now appear for CA Foundation exam (the 1st exam for Chartered Accountancy) soon after appearing for XII exams. The student just needs to register with ICAI at least 4 months prior to the exams and complete the study period of 4 months to give their CA Foundation exam soon thereafter. In this case, for being eligible for May/June 2021 attempt for CA Foundation, you must get yourself registered with ICAI on or before 1st January 2021. Likewise, if a student wants to give November 2021 exam, then he/she must get himself/herself registered with ICAI on or before 1st July 2021. The link for the said announcement is
  2. What was the erstwhile position: Let me explain you the erstwhile position to get the clear picture of all the trends of #save6months. Earlier, a student of class XII, after completing his board exams in the month of March or April, was eligible to give the CA Foundation exam only in the month of November. But, with this latest announcement by ICAI, a student is eligible for May exams for CA Foundation after giving XII exams. This development saves the student 6 months of his career. Hence the trend – #save6months.
  3. Explanation with example: Current XII student who shall give his/her XII board exams in the month of March or April 2021 shall be eligible to give the CA Foundation exams in the month of May 2021 provided he/she registers with ICAI on or before 1st January 2021. Current XI student who shall give his/her XII board exams in the month of March or April 2022 shall be eligible to give the CA Foundation exams in the month of May 2022 provided he/she registers with ICAI on or before 1st January 2022.
  4. When can the student register with ICAI for CA Foundation exam: A student can get registered with ICAI as early as when clearing the X Board exams and latest by 1st January/1st July to be eligible for May or November CA Foundation exams, respectively. Registration link to register with ICAI for CA Foundation is 
  5. Logic behind writing May/June 2021 CA Foundation exams: All those who are just confused with the words of May/June 2021 in the ICAI announcement dated 13th October 2020, read on to know the simplified version of it. As you all know, the situation is very critical all over the globe because of corona virus pandemic. Many exams could not be conducted. ICAI is also facing huge problems for conducting the exams. May 2020 exams were postponed twice and then finally merged with November 2020 exams. Even the November exams have been postponed twice and the situation is still not clear about the same. So, viewing the current scenario, the exams for the next attempt can be conducted even in May 2021 or in June 2021. This is the only reason to add the May/June 2021 in the announcement. I hope I am able to clear the air behind the words written in the latest announcement by ICAI.  
  6. Students of any streams: Many people might not be aware of this but students of any stream, may it be Arts, Science or Commerce, who has appeared for XII board exams, can take up the CA Foundation exams. So what are you waiting for? Start your CA journey with Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, one of the most renowned academies for CA coaching in Central India. Details about Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy in the next point. 
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  8. Importance of XI & XII for CA course: Even when it comes to a kid, we emphasise on wonderful preschool education so that his foundation is strong and he/she is all set for the higher classes. In the same way, 11th 12th commerce coaching is considered as the foundation or base for your CA course. According to our statistics, if a student does the 11th 12th commerce coaching conceptually and in the best possible manner, his chances of being a bright CA student increases by manifold. So, it’s important to have the best coaching for 11th 12th Commerce. At Mitkary sir’s CAPS Academy, we have an amazing team for 11th 12th Commerce coaching for both CBSE & State Board.
  9. Details about our CA Foundation Batch: We are coming up the following batches for you:
    1. For Current XII students a CA Foundation Batch is starting from 26th Oct 2020.
    2. For Current XI students a CA Foundation Batch is starting from 1st December 2020.
    3. For details contact our helpline 7020752751.
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