Importance of Test Series for XII CBSE & State Board

test series

Hi there! This is Vrinda Mitkary here, faculty of Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, back again with yet another blog. CAPS Academy is an 11th 12th commerce institute, so today we are going to discuss the importance of Test Series for XII CBSE & State Board. I shall keep this blog really short to help you understand.

Test series is really your savior in many respects so let us list them here.

  1. Test series help you understand your mistakes well before your 12th board exams so that you do not repeat it in final exams.
  2. Time management shall be well noted with test series. If you are able to complete the paper well within time or not, you will know what concepts need to be revised or practiced again etc.
  3. Teachers checking your papers and comments on them shall help you completely with knowing your mistakes beforehand.
  4. It shall provide you with all the much needed writing practice.
  5. It shall help you understand the scope for improvements. 

I am firmly of the view that test series should never be underrated. After all your commerce coaching, tuition classes and self-study, they give you a view of how you have fared throughout your studies. They will give you insights on your weak points. They are a great way to the get the ‘exam feel’ before the actual exam. They will help you evaluate whatever you have learnt in your commerce tuition classes and achieve success. So, register for your test series at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy. Since we have corona virus pandemic going on, we shall conduct online test series for you all. Stay safe at your home and give the exams to get your progress updated.

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