Tips for acing revision for XII CBSE & State Board

Revision tips for boards

Hey there! This is Vrinda Mitkary, faculty of Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, back again to share some insights on the said topic.

Right now my XII CBSE and State Board students are almost done with the syllabus or nearing the completion in just a few days or so. You must be just worrying about how to revise what you have studied during the formative time of Class XII. At CAPS Academy, all the faculties keep on sharing the exam revision strategies constantly in 11th 12th commerce coaching class. Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to you all if I gather it all together here, making the understanding process simple for all. After all, what else are teachers for but to help their students in their time of need!

So here we go.

  1. Start at the earliest:

    I shall suggest that as soon as you are done with all the topics for a subject, you must start with the revision of the said subject. Do not wait for all the subjects to get over because some subjects shall be quite vast like Accountancy and Maths & some subjects are comparatively small such as Business Studies, Economics, English or optional subjects like CS, IP, Physical Education etc. So, start revising the subjects that you have already completed in your commerce coaching class.

  2. ABC analysis:

    The ABC analysis that you did while grasping the concepts the first time shall help you here. Go extensively through all the concepts that are rated A, because you know that they are the most important ones. B ones are not so tough yet are important, so revise them again. C ones are the concepts that shall neither be important nor too tricky so you can be at ease with it. Utilize the insights that you have already gathered while studying the concepts thoroughly. Don’t forget to club them with the notes you have made during your commerce tuition classes. 

  3. Charts:

    These are the highly recommended on the list. It is always said that diagrammatic representation helps retain concepts better. It is a tried and tested theory. So, do not miss out on any opportunity to make appropriate charts, diagrams etc. for making the concepts easy. Make these charts look visually appealing for faster memorizing. I shall definitely mention that the faculties at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy’s use such techniques to ensure your journey for XII CBSE & State Board is smooth and remarkable.  

  4. Short notes:

    Now it is time to use the short notes that you have already made while covering the entire syllabus during commerce coaching classes as well as during self-study. It’s time that they act as a saviour for your revision. Making short notes has always worked wonders. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy always encourages students to make short notes for important topics so that their revision plan is also eased to a greater extent. Our faculties are really amazing who shall hand hold you to getting conceptual clarity and thereby enable you to ace the exams.

  5. Test Series and Sample Papers:

    Solving many sample papers at home shall be really helpful. Also, do not forget to register for a test series so that you shall have guidance of your teachers to help you discover your mistakes. We, at CAPS Academy, have well-designed test series for you all. What are you waiting for? Just grab your phones and register for the same!

  6. Theory subjects:

    Theory subjects shall be very difficult to write. If you are really scared of theory subjects, then you shall definitely vouch with me. So, do not underestimate the importance of writing answers & solving numerous Value Based Questions, MCQ’s etc beforehand. Writing practice shall help you with time management for board exams. CAPS Academy, being an 11th 12th commerce institute, has experienced faculty for theory subjects, who help students tackle the fear factor associated with theory subjects and score well in them. 

  7. Practical subjects:

    These subjects shall be very useful for helping you score high in the board exams. So, try to solve all the important and tricky questions again. Even for practical subjects you shall require good practice for MCQ’s etc. The only solution is to simply grab your registers and start practicing.

  8. Teachers’ tips:

    You should never forget the tips given by your teachers in your commerce tuition classes while teaching you the classroom lessons. Those important tips for board exams shall help you a long way. If you have written these tips in your register, then you are really blessed. If not, then try and recall them and just implement them for better results.

I hope these exam preparation techniques and revision were really useful for you all. Shall see you all in my next blog till then take care & keep studying.  

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