11 Tips to ace 11th & 12th (State Board & CBSE) Commerce Exams

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Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy is a pre-eminent commerce coaching institute in Nagpur. Mr. Virag Mitkary, our Director and Founder for 11th 12th commerce coaching has an unmatched teaching experience of more than 18 years of mentoring students in the subject of Accountancy. He is responsible for many meritorious students by helping them score full marks in the subject Accountancy. Virag sir along with his team strives to make the basics for XI & XII (CBSE or State Board) crystal clear so that the students are ready to score for any professional exams such as CA, CS, Law, MBA, Actuaries etc. Students get all the solutions under one roof at our academy. We provide quality education through our 11th 12th commerce classes in Nagpur. We have an experienced and proficient team of devoted faculties who have proven to be the guiding light for our horde of students.

We are the leading institute in CA, CS & CMA coaching since the past 42 years because we have with us as our Director, Prime Faculty & mentor CA P.H. Mitkary who is famous for his CA & CS coaching in Nagpur.

Following are 11 useful tips to ace 11 & 12th Commerce Exams.

These tips are functional for both CBSE as well as State Board students because in the end, it all comes down to the basics.

  1. The primary thing required for every practical & theory subject is conceptual clarity. If your concepts are clear then you can answer any question that comes your way. To master the subjects, conceptual clarity is of utmost importance. If your concepts are clear you are already on the half way to your progress, At Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, we have started 11th 12th commerce coaching just to satisfy the purpose of clearing the basics.
  2. The next thing on the list shall always be practice. As the saying goes, ‘Practice makes man perfect’. Same goes with students as well. If you thoroughly practice your subjects you can definitely achieve good marks. At CAPS Academy, we have regular class tests and 12th Test Series to improve your accuracy through practice.
  3. Clearing your doubts then & there is always advisable. Never take your doubts home and more importantly, never ever carry your doubts to the exam hall. Always have your doubts cleared in the class itself for the respective subjects so that helps you in revising or practising the subjects further.
  4. Connecting the subjects with real life examples. This is a ‘Brashmashtra’ that shall help you with every subject you study. No commerce subject is deprived of real life examples; you just need to find them. If you develop interest in the subject, only then can you connect it with real life & thereby develop your interest further in the subject.
  5. Another thing that has importance for every exam is regularity in classes. If you are regular in the class you shall be in tune with the topics completely, thereby getting the holistic approach of the subject. Also, missing classes shall hamper your interest in the subject which ultimately leads to poor scoring in the subject. We take regular attendance at our 11th 12th commerce institute.
  6. Self-study is the best study that you can gift yourself. When it comes to self-study, you have to be very regular and punctual so that you never miss out on anything that has been dealt with in the class. It is a highly recommended practice as it yields positive outcomes.
  7. Revision is the key for proper retention and for writing the answer in a perfect way in the exam. Along with effective self-study, you must revise the topics taught to help you retain the subject very well.
  8. While doing self-study, it is always advisable to make your own short notes. This shall work wonders for you definitely. Short notes with all the highlighters, stick notes, memory techniques, charts, important markings etc. is always a big yes for acing the exams. It tends to your visual memory and prove to be helpful in remembering the points during the exam.
  9. The most important thing for the exams is experiencing the exam beforehand & already committing the mistakes you tend to commit in the exams. So, the most important tool for this is enrolling for a test series. The test series shall teach you how to handle the exam pressure, completing the paper on time, having good handwriting for the paper, conveying the answers as expected by the examiner etc. We provide 12th Test Series to our students for this purpose.
  10. No one goes in the exam hall without preparations. Being confident in the exams is as important as thorough preparations for the exam is. So, be confident, wear that smile & hold your head high. Believe in your efforts and they shall definitely pay off.
  11. Finally it’s the exam day, the day to just dart all the knowledge that you have gained throughout the year so that you ace this exam. Exam days are as important as preparation days or may be even more. Some basics tips that are very small yet shall go a long way. The first thing is to have quality sleep so that you are able to produce whatever you have learnt and studied the year round. Another important thing is to have healthy & non-spicy home cooked food for good health. Lastly, be calm and composed, and have faith in God that he shall definitely mend your ways.

As the saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’. In the same fashion, the above tips shall not work overnight you need to practice them slowly & steadily so that you finally accomplish your goal. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy plays the role of a catalyst to help you achieve your target. We are a commerce institute in Nagpur where conceptual clarity is always a priority. Each faculty is well versed in his/her subject, and having a rich teaching experience, they bring out the best in the students. We see to it that no doubt remains unsolved and every child gets the required and dedicated attention. Our faculties implement a unique style of linking the topics with real life examples so that students shall develop interest in the subject. Also, we take up regular class tests &test series (as per Board’s pattern) to give a complete feel of the exams and to also guide students beforehand with personal feedback. We emphasize on theory subjects and teach some tricks up our sleeves like Mnemonics, charts, proper revision etc. so that the subjects come off as engaging and interesting.

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Sharing some tips that shall help you to ace your 11th & 12th Commerce exams with flying colours… All the very best for your future. Be confident & keep smiling.

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