How Can Online Classes Help the Students in this pandemic situation?

online classes

COVID-19 outbreak has really taken a toll on the entire world. In view of the current statistics as to the increasing count of COVID-19 positive patients, we are aware that the situation is not getting anytime better and that the Corona virus is here to stay. However, regardless of the current situation, the learning cannot stop. So here we are, Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, to your rescue by providing the best coaching for 11th and 12th CBSE & State Commerce, CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Final, CSEET, CS Executive and CS Professional. Virtual learning is indeed a challenge for the teachers as well as the students. Pen drive classes were always a buzz in the coaching industry from quite a long time, but there is a huge difference between pen drive classes and online live classes. The online live batches help to maintain connect between the faculty and the student, creating a virtual effect of a live classroom. Let’s have a look at how can online classes help the students in this pandemic.

  • Let’s face it: We all do not have any choice but to face the situation. Accept the situation, stay motivated and never stop learning. Log on to the live face to face classes. It’s fun to try new things and learn in the new way. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy is known for its best CA coaching in Nagpur. However with the impending crisis, we have shifted over to the digital platform for imparting education through online classes. So what are you waiting for, just log on for the classes. You shall get all the information about our Online Live Batches, as well as the variety of pen drives available on our website or reach to us on our helpline 7020752751.
  • Some pros & cons: Every new experience has many pros and cons attached to it. Let’s start with the pros first:
    • Our learning does not stop.
    • Staying home staying safe.
    • Travelling time is saved, which can be utilised for some yoga or exercise or reading.

    Now some cons:

    • Lack of discipline from students as they might not be punctual or might be lazy while studying.
    • Being inattentive because for now, your attention is entirely in your hands.
  • Challenges for students: I know the students are really working hard to cope up to this situation and I really appreciate your efforts. Some might even struggle with the device, some with the wifi connection, others with some dedicated, quiet space at home (as everyone is home), and some with other distractions. An undisturbed place is required for CA coaching and CS coaching. But despite of all the hurdles, you all are trying to just make it work which is really commendable.
  • Challenges for teachers: A teacher functions at his or her best version when he sees his students in front of him and their curious eyes for learning. But with the entire buzz regarding pen drive classes and thanks to corona, we are also getting acquainted with this new trend called ‘Online Live Batches’. We would definitely prefer and love to see you all right in front of us soon, but right now your safety is what matters to us the most. Additionally, the hardware and software requirements are a hurdle for many teachers. When it comes to coaching for CS and other professional courses, an undisturbed time is utmost important. Teachers also have their own struggles with learning new technology, quiet studios, dedicated space, etc. We all are sailing in the same boat, so let’s face it with an optimistic approach and never stop learning.
  • Developing a virtual community: Now that everything is online, let’s catch up the spirit online, as weekend binging has been replaced with zoom dinner call or an online pot luck party. So here we are, teachers and students, all set to exchange our notes, doubts, memes or even celebrations to have it grand virtually. This reminds me to ask you all to really check out the Online Teachers Day Program held by Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy on 5th Sep 2020 the YouTube link for the same is Witness the spirit with which every student and teacher are taking all this, it’s really worth appreciating.
  • Doubts Solving: Getting doubts is obvious and so solving every doubt of the students is teacher’s responsibility. In Online Live Classes, the doubts are solved one to one as they keep creeping up the students or specific doubt solving sessions are also held for the same. So don’t worry about it, your doubts will be solved by the teachers on time.    
  • Online Evaluations or Tests: Tests are the best way to evaluate the students. Therefore regular online tests are always held so that students don’t be lethargic with their studies and teachers and parents have all the track of their progress and they are well prepared for the exams beforehand. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy provides test series for CA & CS. 
  • Parents contribution: Since the students are away from the classrooms, their discipline while attending the classes depends largely on the parents. So humble request to the parents who are reading this blog to kindly cooperate with the teachers and also help them make your child learn better.  
  • It’s all in the mind: The whole world is facing the COVID-19 crisis and we are not alone so please don’t put yourself in the sympathy mode. Under any circumstances, don’t stop learning. You can always grab Netflix, Amazon etc. to kill time. Let me tell you, no one can delete the year 2020 from your life. Let’s utilise this time to upgrade ourselves and for a better tomorrow.

In the end, I must stay let’s Learn, Evolve & Lead because this is the motive of our Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy. We are always ready to help you in any way we can. We are always there to serve the student fraternity, because every faculty in our CAPS Academy is a teacher by choice and not by chance. All the very best for your online classes!

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