Tips to Crack CA exams in the first attempt

study tips for exams

This blog topic is every CA students’ ‘DilkiBaat’ to crack the exams in just one go. Although cracking CA in the first attempt is difficult, it is surely not impossible. So, to help you get an idea as to what you can do to achieve this, here we are with few study tips for exams that shall help students to crack CA exams in the first attempt itself!

  1. Completing entire syllabus: The CA syllabus is really vast but you need to make sure that you cover the entire syllabus well within time. You may opt for some pen drive lectures or even live CA coaching to cover the syllabus. Also,you should never get away with the self study. Self-study, after all, is what matters the most & it can be a game changer for you. At Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, we strive to give students ample of self-study time while completing the syllabus in time.
  2. Practice: Practice is the most important aspect which shall definitely help you a long way. Practice especially helps a lot for the practical subjects. Solving a good quantity of questions for each concept for subjects like Financial Reporting, SFM, DT, IDT, Strategic Cost Management will reap good results. Keep practicing and revising your theory subjects While solving the questions, mark the tricky and important ones so that they help you while revising the subjects better. Even though your CA coaching institute will make you practice, take time out to do a focused practice of the subjects you are weak in.
  3. Coaching vs self-study: While there are host of options available in the market for all the pen drive lectures bubbling to come up to your device,you have to choose and opt wisely.Choose the best CA coaching classes available so that you don’t regret it later. Also, you can decide between coaching and self study for subjects you are confident at. During self-study, make sure that you have good reference books in hand to just cover the entire syllabus correctly. If you have trouble in finding good books, ask the teachers of your CA coaching classes for guidance.
  4. Study environment: This consists of your family, friends, roommates (in case you are hostelite), library partners etc. The environment is what really matters because they shall made or break you. Beware of your environment and stay away from negative people or people who take you away from your goal. Choose a perfect place of your study, may it be your house, a library or a hostel room. Also, make sure the conditions in your study place are just correct with good hygiene, proper climate, healthy food etc.
  5. Revision: This is an important thing before attempting the exam. Revising is really an important element to flair well in the exam. So revise and revise and never let it go in vein. Make appropriate short note and mark all the important and difficult concepts so that you know what exactly you need to do to revise while your revision sessions.
  6. Test series: You have to solve papers, mock tests and test series before attempting the final exam so that mistakes you could have committed in the exams are well sorted just before exams. Join a good test series. We, at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy host a test series wherein the students are guided by professionals to just help them crack the final exams in one go.
  7. Perseverance& Hard work: I can understand that you have to undergo 3+ months of almost quarantine, but cracking the final exam in one go is what matters. So, don’t ever stop! Even if there are some hurdles, you can definitely overcome them with your confidence and go getter attitude. Yes, hard work is the key to success. In CA exams, it definitely is.
  8. Managing Distractions: In this world full of distractions, we need to learn to focus. Schedule your studies well, take appropriate short breaks, listen to music in the short break, eat simple food, stay away from all the social media and negative people around you. This will seal your deal!
  9. Exam stress: It is quite obvious to have exam stress,but we need to get away with it. Try managing stress with few minutes of meditation, not thinking much about how the papers would be, how you shall deal with it, would aggregate be possible etc. It’s natural to be stressed out, but let it not affect your performance!
  10. D-Day: Yes, it’s D-Day now! So just concentrate on the papers and you shall make it.Forget all the consequences and just concentrate on just being able to pour all your knowledge in the papers.

Just remember whether you are a first attempt CA or not, it hardly matters; but what matters is your peace of mind and sanity. Good luck! Something great is awaiting…