How to make your 12th Commerce answer sheet stand out?


Every 12th standard CBSE as well as State Board student has wondered about how he/she can make his/her paper stand out in the exams. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, being an 11th 12th commerce coaching institute, is here to give you an effective answer to your question and some tricks that you can apply during your examination. So sit back relax and read this blog to get more insights on the topic.

Here are the pointers to keep in mind to make an impressive impact on the examiner with your 12th Commerce answer sheet.

  1. Write in points: The most important tip to the students would be to write all the answers in points and not in paragraphs. By doing so, the examiner gets to know that you are well aware of the important points to cover the answers. Also, use the appropriate key words to describe the points. Quality is what matters, and not the quantity. So better to write appropriate answers rather than big answers if you want to ace your exams.
  2. Underline important points: The important points that you have covered while writing the answers should be appropriately underlined. We tell this to all our students of 12th commerce classes. This step helps the examiner to reach the important points easily. Remember the more you ease the examiner the more he shall ease you with good marks.
  3. Be precise: Don’t beat around the bush, just be precise in your answers. What is going to fetch you marks is the quality of answers and not its length. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, being the best commerce classes in Nagpur, focuses on precision in answers.
  4. How much to answer: The most common question by the students for the theory subjects is how much to write for the given marks. The answer is again simple and lies in previous points but let me clarify here further. If it is a 3 marks question, make sure you write at least 3 points correctly and with precise description. Now if the question is of 5 marks and the question asked contains only 4 points, please do not invent any 5th point just for the sake of writing at least 5 points for 5 marks. It’s really important to keep this in mind for every theory subjects in future.
  5. Format matters: This is for a practical subject like Accountancy. While answering the questions take care of the format in which you need to answer. For example adhere to Schedule III Part I & Part II format for answering questions on Companies Final Accounts or follow the format for Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet format for other final accounts questions. 
  6. Steps to be followed for practical subjects: For subject like Mathematics & Accountancy, examiner expects you to follow certain steps to answer the question so that you fetch marks. So follow those steps religiously & don’t just jump on to the conclusions or answers in very few steps. Even though your commerce tuition classes must be taking a lot of practice, practice it more during self-study.
  7. Good presentation: Good or legible handwriting is important. We tend to write the first few minutes of the exams very nicely and then in order to complete the paper fast we just don’t pay any attention on good presentation and nor on good handwriting. So be consistent while writing the answers. The examiner should be able to read your answers.
  8. Complete the paper in time: The advice would be to complete the paper 5 minute early and if you ask why read on the next point. For completing the paper in time you shall practice a lot by appearing for various test series & prelims sincerely so that you do not miss out on this point. We at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy hold test series for 12th CBSE as well as 12th State Board so just grab this opportunity & don’t miss our well designed test series.
  9. Last 5 minutes are very crucial: While you are saving your last 5 minutes then utilise it for re checking the entire answer sheet & underlining the important points.
  10. Choices are important: Whether you are 12th CBSE or 12th State Board student you have lot of choices in your question paper so if you are well prepared for the exams you shall be able to answer all the questions with choices. So make the choices wisely so that you fetch all the marks that you deserve. Also, I want to let you know that if you solve the entire question paper with choice then your marks shall be counted for the questions in which you gained the maximum marks and not the one which you wrote first.

I am sure that after reading this blog, you must have gained confidence in writing the answers for your exams. Start following these tips right now for every unit test, half yearly, or prelims that you write.  By doing so, it will turn into a habit at the time of your final exam!

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