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11th CBSE Commerce Subjects: Introduction to Core and Electives

11th CBSE Commerce Subjects

After completing the 10th board, students often contemplate which stream to take up for Higher Secondary, also known as Junior College. It is seen that several students have opted for the 11th CBSE commerce subjects stream over the years. This is due to the practical approach of the subject in real life.

If you are a student planning to take up commerce subject for 11th CBSE, then this blog will be extremely beneficial for you. 

Why choose Commerce Subject for 11th CBSE?

Commerce has been well recognized by the world for its practical implementation in real life. Studying commerce gives you a wide range of careers to choose from that have a high pay range. While studying this subject, you will have great knowledge of business operations as well as economy. The Commerce subject is full of various interesting subjects like business studies, economics and accountancy.

Now it’s time you need to get a briefing about the commerce subjects you will be studying in 11th CBSE.

11th CBSE Commerce Subjects

The 11th CBSE commerce subjects consist of two kinds of subjects- mandatory and optional. They are also known as core subjects and electives. The following information will help you understand which subjects fall under the respective categories.

Mandatory / Core Subjects

  1. English
  2. Accountancy
  3. Business Studies
  4. Economics (Statistics and Microeconomics)

Optional / Elective subjects

  1. Mathematics
  2. IT
  3. Physical Science
  4. Psychology
  5. Informatics Practices
  6. Other Languages (Hindi/French/German)
  7. Computer Science
  8. Fine Arts
  9. Home Science

    A Brief on Mandatory Commerce Subjects

    Glimpsing into the mandatory/ core subjects will help you understand the topics that each will cover. Read the following to understand what that subject is about and its essential topics.


    Accountancy is the art of summarizing and managing financial records, preparing tax documents and keeping track of an entity’s economic resources. It involves various vital financial information of an organization. Hence it is a mandatory subject of 11th Commerce.

    This involves the following essential topics:

    1. Financial Accounting
    2. Accounting Process
    3. Financial Statement and Analysis
    4. Computers in Accounting
    5. Accounting for Partnership, Non-profit organization, Companies and Firms.


    Economics involves studies depicting economic operations and interactions between national and international markets. Due to such importance, it too is a mandatory subject. Economics involves two subfields that are Statistics and Microeconomics.

    The essentials topics that are covered under this subject are:

    1. Introduction to Microeconomics
    2. Introductory Microeconomics
    3. Statistics for Economics
    4. Indian Economic Development 
    5. Difference between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

      Business Studies

      Business studies involve well researched data regarding various specialized disciplines like finance, accountancy, marketing and organization. This helps to get a good understanding of the working of a business setup. Considering the importance of this subject, it is a mandatory commerce subject in 11th CBSE.

      It consists of essential topics like-

      1. Internal Trade
      2. Business Finance and Marketing
      3. Principles and Functions of Management
      4. Evolutions and Fundamentals of Business
      5. E-commerce
      6. Emerging Modes of Business.


      Being the official language that is used globally, it too is a mandatory commerce subject that is necessary for all commerce students. English can be a high scoring subject that is easy to learn and interesting enough to prepare. You just need a little hard work and focus on improving it, and it will greatly benefit you in your future.


      This article was written with the aim of providing you with the basic information on subjects that you will be pursuing once you choose commerce for your 11th standard. It gives an overview of all the mandatory subjects and various optional subjects that you can choose from. To conclude this blog, Commerce is an interesting field that has existed for long and learning this art of commerce will surely help you in life.

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