How to study theoretical subjects for CA and CS

How to study theoretical subjects for CA and CS

Do you find theory subjects to be boring? Do you think that these subjects don’t really add any value or are not as useful as practical subjects? Do you find difficulty in studying theory subjects? Let me unbox the secret of studying theory subjects for you! Being a theory teacher myself and loving theory subjects to the core, I can assure you that if studied with adequate connection to real life examples, you can master and get interested in theory subjects. It’s always said that ‘It’s easier said than done’; so let’s dive straight into the solutions. This blog is filled with the tips to effectively study theoretical subjects for any course may it be XI & XII CBSE or State or CA or CS or MBA or Law etc. You get this and you are through with it! Let’s decode the theory behind theory subjects!

  1. Conceptual Clarity: This is a must have point for every theory subject, or rather every subject. If your concepts are clear the battle is half won. Conceptual clarity shall take you far and make you a dynamic professional. Make conceptual clarity a top priority, even if you are a student or a teacher. At Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, we focus on conceptual clarity of all students
  2. Practical real life examples: Connecting the theory subjects with real life examples is really important to get a thorough knowledge about the same. As theory subjects are designed to capture the theoretical aspect of the practical subjects, there is limited or no chance of not getting any practical example for the same. Here, the role of an effective teacher comes into play. A good teacher shall always take care that the aspect is well depicted in his/her approach towards the subject. However, students can connect the theory subjects to real life examples and situations themselves, making the concepts more interesting and easy to remember. At our commerce coaching centre, we connect theory subjects to real life examples for better understanding of the concepts.
  3. Revision: I think revision is the most underrated aspect of a theory subject. Revising shall take you a long way. Revising with tried and tested techniques shall be great. Mnemonics, charts, mind mapping techniques, pictorial representations of the concepts etc. shall fit in to hit the dart. Promise yourself to practice the technique of revision for every subject and feel the difference yourself. At Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, regular revisions are taken for the benefit of the students.
  4. Self-made short notes: The catch word here is ‘Self made’. Short notes provided by the teacher shall definitely be helpful, but to ace the exams self-made short notes while self study shall do the trick to fetch those extra marks from the examiner. Use coloured pens, highlighters, stick-ons and small catchy words used by the teacher or coined by you so the concept gets stitched in your mind. Highlight the important points while you are reading, add the extra points told by your teacher on the stick-ons and stick them near the concept you have added on. These highlighted points and stick-ons are helpful in the last minute revision of the subject.
  5. Practising: Writing practice is a must for all theory subjects. The quality and length of the answers matter when you are conveying your answers to the examiner. So grab your favourite pen and board onto the journey of writing the answers to help you know whether you are able to convey the exact meaning to the examiner, because all this shall finally fetch you good marks.
  6. Using key words: Key words play an important role in every concept of the theory subjects. So always highlight and pay extra attention to the key words to be used for the concepts so that you shall leave no stone unturned for bagging those good marks.
  7. Right books: Using the right books shall go a long way to help you with the exams. Choose your books wisely as they are very important. If you are confused, seek the guidance of the teachers of your commerce coaching classes.
  8. Test Series: Evaluate yourself well before the exams so that you shall not regret it later. Join a good test series program or just solve good number of question papers to test yourself. Test series will give you an ‘exam’ feel and train you to complete your paper in the given time. At Mitkary’s CAPS Academy Nagpur, we provide an extensive test series to CAPS students as well as other students for self assessment.
  9. Follow the format: Format does not mean any typical legal format but the representation of answers in bullet form whenever and wherever possible. This makes the examiner’s job easy as he/she does not have to read lengthy paragraphs. Answers in bullet forms are convenient to read. You ease him/her and make the job of checking your paper easy and he/she shall ease you with good marks, it’s that simple!
  10. Be confident: Last but not the least, be confident! It’s just an exam and it should not take a toll on you. Have faith in all the hard work you have put in and it shall pay off.

I hope I was able to convey you with brief points so that you are eased with the theory subjects. In case of any queries you can always reach us on our helpline 7020752751. All the Best! You will make it happen. Trust the process.

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Vrinda Mitkary