What after CA Foundation? A way ahead.

CA foundation exams

Hello friends! This is Vrinda Mitkary, back with yet another informative blog. Now, you all must be thinking that you are still struggling with your November 2020 CA exams attempt and with the tension of whether the exams can really take place due to the current situation. However, in my experience, instead of fretting over things out of your control, let’s plan ahead in time what our course of action must be. Since you have a lot of time on your hands to just plan ahead right now, I would urge you to read ahead to get the hang of what will happen post exams and then come back to this blog when you are actually done with your CA Foundation exams. Let us begin!

  1. One group or both:

    Isn’t this a million-dollar question? Absolutely, it is. The choice shall be always be yours. Let me explain you the insights of it so that it shall help you decide.

    • Each group of CA Intermediate has 4 subjects. So, both groups mean 8 subjects to deal with in a span of just 9 months. These 9 months shall consist of CA inter classes, self-study, other mandatory courses of ICAI, revision, test series and hundreds of other things. So, think wisely whether you will be able to handle all this and give time to self-study apart from your CA coaching. If the answer is genuinely yes, then go for attempting both groups or else settle for one.
    • For students planning for AIR, just go and get it. You can do it. Whatever I said above was to just make you understand the positive & negative of every choice that you make. I did not say both the groups simultaneously are impossible. With the right CA coaching and best CA inter classes, it is possible. Students planning AIR have to go for both the groups for obvious reasons. CAPS Academy one of the best professional institutes for CA coaching in Central India and provides the best CA Intermediate coaching in Nagpur. We are all ready to welcome you!
    • In the plight of just finishing the classes don’t underestimate the time required for self study. It is really important so plan accordingly. Plan your schedule for CA coaching and schedule self-study in the day wisely.
  2. Coaching:

    Next question comes to your mind is which coaching class should I opt for, because in CA Intermediate, you can get subject-wise admission. So, it’s important to make a wise and informed choice. I take here the opportunity to introduce to you our devoted team for CA Intermediate who is indeed very popular among the students.

    • CA P.H. Mitkary Sir for Cost and Management Accounting (Paper 3 of Group I) & Financial Management (Part 8A of Group II). He is the Managing Director &  Principal Faculty for Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy. He has a whopping experience of 42+ years. I am sure once you learn from him he shall forever be your favourite teacher. He is such a devoted teacher that none of his students doubt get unresolved. He is also a very student friendly faculty hence no student ever feels hesitate in asking him any doubt. Just join his class and feel the difference.
    • CA Zubair Khan Sir for Accounting (Paper 1 of Group I) and Advanced Accounting (Paper 5 of Group II). A very young and dynamic faculty who shall definitely make you fall in love with the subjects by making your concepts very clear. He possesses Diploma in IFRS (U.K.) and also certification for IND AS (ICAI) so now you also need not worry about AS as well.
    • CS Praveen Chaudhary Sir for Corporate & Other Laws (Paper 2 of Group I). A very well versed faculty for Law. His unique teaching style & amazing techniques shall help you grab command in theory subjects and shall make you a master of Law very easily.
    • CA Nikhil Sarda Sir  for Taxation (Paper 4 of Group I) and Economics for Finance (Paper 8A of Group II). He is an amazing choice when it comes to subjects like Taxation and Economics. He connects very well with the students which in turn help students to connect well with the subject. He shall definitely be a wise choice for both the said subjects.
    • CA Indresh Gandhi for Auditing and Assurance (Paper 6 of Group II). He is a very young & dynamic faculty & let me tell you his energy is tremendous and you are bound to not only understand but also score high in the exams. His teaching techniques are very wonderful and bound to make you master of the subject.
    • CA Aman Jain for Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management (Paper 7 of Group II). One of the most popular faculty for EIS-SM. His teaching techniques, revision methods, charts etc. shall make you score high in the exams.
  3. Online or Offline:

    Another question that arises in your mind is whether to go for pen drive lectures or live lectures when it comes to CA coaching. Pen drive lectures shall definitely be viewed at your convenient time and pace. However, remember unless and until you do not have a class like environment, the sincerity is not achieved. Also, face to face CA coaching gives you the opportunity to interact with your faculties and friends, which definitely helps you understand the subjects better, resolve doubts sooner, keep a track of studies of your peers etc. So, friends, make a wise choice. Don’t just chase a faculty just because he/she has many followers on social media. It is for us to understand that all that glitters is not gold.

  4. Why Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy:

    We are the pioneer institute for CA coaching in Central India since last 42+ years. We are proud to be providing the best ca coaching in Nagpur. Each faculty at our academy is a devoted teacher by choice and not by chance. You shall definitely feel the difference once you come to study with us. Let us Learn, Evolve & Lead together.

I hope I am able to help you in making a better choice. In case of any queries feel free to contact us on our helpline 7020752751.

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