Study plan to revise the entire CA Inter syllabus in one month

Study plan to revise the entire CA Inter syllabus in one month

When it’s the month of April or October it is definitely a month to revise, revise & revise the entire syllabus that we have been preparing since long. So here are some quick tips that shall help you better revise the entire syllabus.

  1. Revision plan: The most important thing to keep in mind while making yourself a study time table is to keep appropriate time (may be 30 days) for revising the entire syllabus smoothly. This way you shall always be able to complete your first reading of the syllabus on time & still have appropriate time for revision because your mind shall definitely have the track of time kept for revision. It really helps try it out yourself.
  2. ABC Analysis: Who shall better understand ABC Analysis than a CA student. So it’s time to apply the same in our studies. Practical applications of any concept really work wonders. So at the time of thorough practising or reading the first time mark all the points that shall require your attention because they are either tricky, frequently asked or simply because you goof up with them often! So start marking the questions or concepts as A, B & C & the ones marked A shall have the highest priority, B as little less & C as the least. This way you shall definitely ease your revision sessions.
  3. Charts: These are the highly recommended on the list. It is always said that diagrammatic representation helps retain concepts better. So what are you waiting for it is a trial & tested theory. So do not miss out on any opportunity to make appropriate charts, diagrams etc. for making the concepts easy. I shall definitely mention that the faculties at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy’s faculties use such techniques to ensure your journey for CA Intermediate smooth & remarkable.  
  4. Short notes: Now it is time to use the short notes that you have already made while covering the entire syllabus. So it’s time that they come as a saviour for your revision. Yes making short notes have always worked wonders. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy always encourages students to make short notes for important topics so that their revision plan is also eased to a greater extent. Our faculties for CA Intermediate are really amazing who shall hand hold you to getting conceptual clarity & thereby acing the exams.
  5. Important questions: The questions that we marked in ABC Analysis shall be helpful here again. So now again make sure to cover all the important questions & ace your revision sessions. 
  6. Solving MCQ’s: We all know that some papers for all the Levels of Chartered Accountancy have MCQ’s to fetch good score so we shall definitely use these questions to score great in the exams. So when revising the syllabus we need to solve adequate number of MCQ’s to further utilise our revision time effectively. So try variety of books for this & it shall solve your purpose.
  7. Solving ICAI’s material (RTP, Mock Test Papers etc.): Yes this is the most important task as this shall enable you to know the question pattern asked by CA Institute & also if you are able to tackle the questions appropriately. Please do not confuse this with Test Series as this is in addition to appearing for Test Series.

I hope the above points have helped you revising the concepts. All the Best. Prepare well. Also remember a result shall not define your destiny. If it didn’t happen this time it shall definitely happen the next so keep calm & keep trying because Dreams are not the ones that you see while sleeping but they are the ones who shall not let you sleep. With this note it is time to say bye but we shall be back with a new blog with an interesting topic soon. We at Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy, a renowned CA coaching institute in Nagpur believe in serving the student fraternity continuously. 

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