How to deal with ICAI Exams Postponement

How to deal with ICAI Exams Postponement

The after-effects of the pandemic are cropping up. ICAI has recently announced the postponed scheduled of CA exams yet again. It is definitely a frustrating situation for all students who have prepared for months for ICAI exams with full dedication. In these testing times of the lockdown, when a situation like this takes place repetitively and consistently, it becomes very difficult to maintain the decorum and temperament for studies. It is justified to feel demotivated or fearful about the uncertainties of the future. However, we must understand that this is one of those situations which we have no control over. So, instead of fretting over the postponed CA Foundation exams, let us focus on the positives and change our approach towards looking at it.

The news of the ICAI exams postponement has brought with it a hidden gift – the gift of time! Now that you have ample of time on your hands, here’s how you can use it to your benefit to stay motivated and induce productivity- 

  1. When it comes to CA coaching, no amount of time is sufficient for studies. More time for studies is always desired by students for all CA exams. Even if a CA student gets all the time in the world to study, it still feels less in comparison to the enormous syllabus that he/she needs to cover. Utilize this time to focus on your weak subjects and to revise your strong subjects. The exams being postponed is a blessing in disguise.
  2. The news of postponement of ICAI exams must have surely caused uproar in your mind. Let us fight the situation rather than just panicking. All you need right now is patience and willingness to try to fight this situation no matter what. As Thomas Edison said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Have patience, stay resolute to your goal. The entire world is the slave of this situation, so let us not complain about it and face it all together. If you need that extra push, contact your teachers from your CA coaching institute.
  3. For all CA Foundation students, Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy has some amazing plans for you since the CA Foundation exams are rescheduled! So, stay tuned with CAPS Academy to get all the insights as to what we have in store for you all. Trust us, it is really exciting! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get notified about it. 
  4. Revise the entire syllabus once more. By now, you must have already read the entire syllabus. Now you get time for that extra reading which you were craving for since long. It’s time to be doubly motivated and dig in those notes taken during classes for CA. 
  5. This is a golden opportunity to solve all the Mock Test Papers, RTPs & Test Series. Many such tests to excel in ICAI exams will be available online. Keep checking if best CA coaching classes have launched any test series. Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy has an extensive test series for CA Foundation and a test series for CA Intermediate. These test series will boost your confidence and help you fetch the desired marks. 

Even though the pandemic situation itself is not in our hands, it is completely in our hands to face the situation that comes our way and make it work for us. So, do make something great out of it.

All the Best! Stay focused as that is the only way out. Contact Mitkary Sir’s CAPS Academy for the upcoming test series!

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